Inspiration from a Stylist: Patricia Fields

June 2, 2009

Patricia Fields is a fashion designer, costumer designer, and fashion stylist. She is well know for her fabulous work in one of my favorite movies Sex and the City. She brought our favorite New York City girl-friends to life. Her designs on the show have inspired me in so many ways with color and print. She gave these characters a personality through the clothing she chose for them. By only watching a few episodes, you get the vibe that Carrie is a constant Manalo, Christian Louboutin, and other fabulous high heeled designer shoe wearing gal.

Miranda was a professionally dressed woman, not too flashy, with a simple sense of casual style, and could sometimes dressed like your mom when she is trying to dress cool when she goes out to clubs.

Samantha was very flashy, in your face, revealing and sometimes uncomfortable to watch because of the vulgarity of her character. However she was always dressing very nicely, I could assume that her style is a rendition of what Carrie would dress like when she would become Sam’s age.

Finally, Charollete, whoes name escaped me for a few minutes, dresses like a typical upper east side mother. She barely dipped her toe into the waters of creativty and bold color, but that suits her character. She always wanted tradition and her wardrobe was just that, traditional. She had elegant dresses, skirts, and blouses using mainly pastel colors. Her style could be sumed up as “Romantic.”

None the less, Patricia was very good at using her stylist intution to portray the characters of sex and the city through their clothing. It was almost as if she was using clothing to portray things that words can’t explain, like she was writing her own story in the clothing choices for the characters.
I just wanted to use that well known show/movie to demonstrate how Patricia is able to reveal more into a character through their wardrobe, and never without giving it a little touch of Ms.Field’s own personality.

Some of our other favorite fashion-tastic movies/shows that she contributed to are:

Side Note: I can not believe they canceled Cashmere Mafia and Lipstick Jungle, I really liked those shows. :-(.

Patricia has a lot of experience in tv and movies and it’s no surprise that her personal clothing line ” House of Field” has been very popular as well. Her website features a lot of electric, rock, and up beat clother that anyone from Mary J. Blidge to Britney Spears would find attractive. Her sizes vary and prices range from about 5$ to about 2 or 3 thousand dollars, so there is something for everyone. Her line is a carbon copy of her personality, fun, crazy, free, and color crazy, and personally I love it. However someone with a more professional or romantic style may not be as interested in her pieces, which is only right because like I have mentioned before, everything isnt for everyone.

I have chosen to highlight Patricia because she is a really interesting woman. As well as she does with fashion she still believes that “its fun and wonderful”, but she also thinks there is more interesting things to talk about. Her personal favorite, Einstein and Socrates. Didn’t see that coming, huh? Well that is the wonderful thing about fashion stylists, their inspiration comes from any and everywhere.

Patricia comes from an immagrant family from Greece and is credited for inventing the modern legging. She got started by meeting with Sarah Jessica Parker on the set of Miami Rhapsody movie in 1995 . Sarah loved her clothing line, brought her to Sex and the City ,and the rest was history. Her story may not be that outstanding, but her journey and acomplishments definitely are. The slew of awards and nominations that she has rightfully earned do not even begin to show her talents. She has a way with clothing that is almost inate and that is something special. Every stylist has that something special but Ms. Fields has something SPECTACULAR.

So today, my inspiration comes from the quarky, weird, amazing, genuis artist Ms. Patricia Fields. Without her, I probably would have never learned the importance of a Manolo!

Au Revoir!


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