Random News: The Elimination of Plus Sizes

June 3, 2009

Today I read in New York Magazine that some major labels are cutting back on plus sized lines because it costs 10% more to produce. Anne Taylor stopped carrying size 16 in the store because of the low demand. However, the crazy part of it all is that 56% of women wear plus sizes. Size 14 is the most common size in America. Why would you abandon a ripe market?

I know this, the “plus sized” clothing that is available is trash. I am technically plus size and the options for me are limited. Torrid has nice clothing, but baby phat, apple bottoms, Lane Bryant, and all those lines give plus sized women the most hideous options. I guess they decided to use the cheapest fabric because they thought we won’t care either way, but guess what, I CARE. I refuse to buy your clothing that labels me plus size. I want to wear what my size 2 friend wears. Is that such a crime? Does the industry need to label us as plus size by giving us scraps for clothing, I mean seriously. We know we are larger than your photo shopped models, but goodness give us an opportunity to look nice. Stop forcing us to squeeze and squish into clothes that are too small in order to look presentable.

Especially people like me who can wear anywhere from a 12 to a 16. I don’t want to have to buy the ugly plus sized shirt because I am one size off from the cute shirt I saw in Nordstrom’s. I do not want to wear the plus sized seven jeans that anyone can spot as plus sized from a mile away.

I am (kinda) plus sized and I want equal rights. Give me options or give me death!


One Response to “Random News: The Elimination of Plus Sizes”

  1. Ms. Pam Says:

    Great article! Ashley Stewart has stepped up their clothing line with nice pieces! Things that you would not find in Lane Bryant which is for old, fat, people who don't leave the house or don't care to turn heads when they walk in the room. I don't even know why Lane Bryant is still open!

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