I know I have been gone forever. But I have been super super busy with the beginning of school, shopping for classes and textbooks, meetings, and the most important event of all Fashion’s Night Out, which I am going to tell you ALLL about right now.

So I am on the 5 o’clock bus to New York, because of course I had class, and there is a lot of traffic and it starts to rain, which I am dreading because I forgot my umbrella. Thank goodness we get there and it is not raining.

I didn’t get to NY until 7:45pm, so I needed to do a quick edit to my itinerary I crossed off everything except Bergdorf Goodman where I had to see Andrea Leon Talley.

So I catch the F train and get down to 5th avenue and the place is buzzing. I have never seen New York like this. People weren’t rushing to work or rushing anywhere but to the next store to see the festivities. People are dressed up in their best, most fashion forward clothing. Men in ball gowns, ladies in feathers and African style face paint, just the works!

So I get to Bergdorf’s and the line is wrapped around the building. So of course I am more than happy to wait because I have to get it, have to. So while I am standing in line I get the pleasure of standing behind two models and their friends. Hearing them complain about waiting kind of ruffled my feathers because I would do almost anything just to be apart of this whole experience and they just seemed ungrateful.

So while they were babbling on and on I see Yeohlee Tang. Now you cannot miss her tinsel-like grey hair anywhere. I am absolutely stunned to see not only a designer I wrote about, but also a designer period. So I do the whole fan thing and I am like “ oh –my-god Yeohlee, hi I love you” and she is like “hi.” In a really sweet way of course. So I am so happy that I saw her I forgot to get a picture, which sucks. So after she leaves I try to turn around and talk about it to the girls behind me and of course they don’t even know who she is, no one did. I am just stunned. Who are these people that do not know Yoehlee, she is like a celebrity to me.

Anyways while I was waiting in line I took these pictures of the window displays at Bergdorf. They are just as amazing as I told you about in my previous post right?

So I finally get in and there is a huge push and shove thing going on. The guards on the outside are much, much nicer than the ones inside; they are kind of dealing with us like we are criminals for wanting to come in the store. “ Hurry up, keep moving, do not stop,” they shouted the whole time. The elastic in my shirt even broke trying to fight for myself through the crowd.

Come to find out the crowd was for Rachel Zoe. People were dying to get pictures of and with her. Here is what I got

Ok so I get out of the rut and I am walking around Bergdorf, mind you I have never been there, and I was just shocked at the stuff I saw. I mean I wanted two of everything that was in that store. It was amazing. It made me feel like a celebrity to even look at all the diamonds and Dior.

After a brief crowd break, the thickness begins to pick up and it’s to see Andre Leon host a game show. I finally push my way through the crowd to get a few shots.

Now I so wish I was 100 lbs at this moment because I would be able to fit in these small spaces in order to get better pictures. I mean I just felt like I was blocking everyone and I could not get anywhere.

Anyways after that I did a little more strolling around the store, in love with the décor. I definitely was underdressed with slacks and a shirt… I needed a gown to be in there.

So as I am about to leave I see a camera filming an ultra skinny girl in cheetah print so I went over to see what was going on. There were no crowds until someone shouted “Nicky Hilton.” Then people began to scurry over. Here are my attempts of a shot of her …. I finally got one at the end.

she even brushed my arm when she walked by …. Omg … lol

I have to say standing amongst the models and fashion enthusiasts I will never forget the smell. The stench resembled that of breath that you get when you haven’t eaten in a really long time ( what I like to call hungry breath), coffee and cigarettes. Typical… very typical.

So I get outside and the line is even longer and the guards are telling people that the celebs were all gone so there was no point n coming in, and he was right because Victoria Beckam came as quick as she arrived, as did RZ.

So I wonder around looking at everyone seeing who I thought was famous, but it was too hard to pin point because everyone was dressed so nice. I usually gage important people by who is dressed the best but in the fashion world, they may not really work.

So I head to YSL because I love him and their clothes. There are no celebs there but the champagne was flowing and they were not carding people. I didn’t drink of course, because I was working lol ( this blog is work).

YSL had a cool DJ and they had a raffle for a purse, which I wish I would win. I even saw a Hermes bag in real life and it was HUGE! The guy who wore it was WORKING IT. Look at the accessories!

After that I head to COACH and see people drawing on purses which was cool, but again, no celebs and the crowd was kind of dry.

Juicy was pretty crowded but I needed to move forward so I just took a picture of the outside.

Escada, who is in the whole financially, had a cute window display of live models that were actually eating pizza and drinking water. I was pinched by an old lady who told me to write my number on a piece of paper and hold it up the window, because after all, we were in New York. Lol silly lady.

Chanel was pretty dry also. I mean I do not want to custom make a $3,000 plus purse. They also didn’t allow pictures. YOU SUCK!

So I was strolling to the less crowded part of the 5th avenue shopping area and I see that PRADA was closed with a police officer standing guard… umm wtf. Why are you guys closed. You suck.

Around the corner was Tiffany’s, which had outdoor carpet. Mind you, it was raining off and on all night. They were giving away lemonade and coffee.

Over all I think that this was an event that was pretty well executed. I think it was a good idea to get people involved in something that is kind of similar to the all-exclusive fashion week. I mean if I cant be under the tents watching the models, I rather have them elbow me in the back to get champagne at YSL right ? ehhh

I heard about a bunch of stores that had very successful turnouts because they had a wide amount of celebrity appearances. I think this was an important aspect of the whole night. I walked by stores that had little to no customers, the sales people were even sitting down chatting because they didn’t make the effort to bring in celebrities. Example: Club Monaco

Some stores said they would have run way shows, but definitely only have a screen projecting what one might call a “fashion show” lame!

I didn’t get to experience as much as a I wanted because I was late but I think I got the feel for it. I appreciated seeing the people who made clothes and put them together much more than actual entertainers or celebrities. The rush of being surrounded by such great minds really made me excited about my field of interest.

Here are some suggestions for a better Fashion’s Night Out next year:

  • I do wish that some stores actually had sales on merchandise for the night because I definitely would have bought something, and people would have brought more.
  • I also wish there were like RSVP lists in order to control the crowd
  • I think there def should have been a dress code because it just seemed insane what some people thought was a good idea to wear.
  • I think there should have been designated busses or shuttles taking people to certain stores so that they wouldn’t waste time trying to walk or getting lost.
  • I think celebrities should be in every store and they should take shifts so that every store had at least one celeb at all times.

FNO Shirts need to be sold EVERYWHERE !

I absolutely loved this night, it made me want to be a New Yorker so bad. I hope that next time I go I will be able to go under the tents the next day.

FNO was such a success. I am so grateful for Anna and Michael for putting it all together. I mean it was kind of like I went to heave for like 2 hours. Running to catch the bus home that I almost missed doesn’t even matter to me.

Well I hope this inspires you all to attend next year. Because there def. will be a next year!

Love ya !

Very rarely do we ever speak of the department stores that house some of our favorite designers, and some undiscovered gems. For this reason, I absolutely must tell you about some of these places that are pretty much fashion churches. We have to dress a certain way to attend, we must be respectful of what is inside, and we must pay the utmost thanks to the people who made all the clothing and accessories that surround us while we are in these sanctuaries.

Today we are gonna start with the almighty BG: Bergdorf Goodman. In 1899 the company kind of started when an Alsace immigrant, Herman Bergdorf, opened a tailor shop just above Union Square in Manhattan. As an employee of Herman’s, Edwin Goodman, purchased the store in 1906 and moved it to 5th avenue.

In 1914 Goodman became the first couturier to introduce ready to wear.

In 1928 the store moved to its current location at 5th and 58th. Goodman’s son Andrew, who was the president, opened a fur salon, made a perfume called Bergdorf Goodman Number Nine, and created Miss Bergdorf, a line for younger customers.

In 1953 Goodman retired as the most celebrated merchant of his time.

During the 60’s and 70’s BG wasn’t doing so well. They tried to build other BG’s but only one in White Plains, NY was made in 1972 which was made into a Neiman Marcus in 1981. In order to pull them up from this slump they hired Dawn Mello in 1975 as the vice president of fashion.

Dawn was able to bring life to this conservative store making it more successful. She was named president in 1984. She left in 89 to work for Gucci and returned to BG as the president again in 1994. The CEO of Bergdorf Goodman today is James J. Gold.

So in the 90’s the Chairman and CE Ira Neimark enlarged the women’s store by 300% resulting in the men’s store having to move across the street to the old FAO Schwartz space. Poor guys!

BG was just beginning to get bigger and bigger. In 1997, the former Goodman Family house, the penthouse at the top of the store was made into the John Barrett Salon and Susan Ciminelli Day Spa. More spas opened in 1999 under the main floor and a cafe.

Dramatic renovations took place in 2002 on the main floor of the women’s store. This lead to the introduction of the new boutiques of Gucci, Chanel, Armani, Versace, and YSL in 2003. In 2004 their website launched to bring their goods across America. Though, I feel like it just recently got really good.

As you can see BG is like one the resting places of luxury. I mean seriously, they have Fur storage to hold your furs over the summer. Really? You even get the option of having your fur glazed. What on God’s green earth does that mean?

Anyways BG has a lot of other unique aspects. Like their infamous windows. Some windows are dressed by regular sales associates whose bosses told them to do it last minute and give the sale associate get their pick of the clothes in which to dress it. Not here! BG’s windows require way more work. I mean these people are wearing construction hats, to build a window display. YES! It’s that serious.

This is a store that focuses more on the act of shopping, making it an entire sensory experience that you pay for through the prices of the clothing. However , to some, the experience is priceless and I think that everyone should at least experience the luxurious way of buying designer clothing at least once, even if its only a lipstick. The joy that one feels with the BG bag swaying from their wrists as they proudly walk out of the large doors is something that can not be described.

So the reason I think it is important to be aware of these stores beyond the surface level is because these are the places where designers are given their chance to shine. Though it is owned by Neiman Marcus, it still serves its own space in the hearts of fashion lovers everywhere. I also think there is a great deal of effort and thought that are put into the window designs that they should be admired by the world and serve as an inspiration to its onlookers.

This is a store that focuses more on the act of shopping, making it an entire sensory experience that you pay for through the prices of the clothing. However , to some, the experience is priceless and I think that everyone should at least experience the luxurious way of buying designer clothing at least once, even if its only a lipstick. The joy that one feels with the BG bag swaying from their wrists as they proudly walk out of the large doors is something that can not be described. Fashion is not only an art, it is a life style and an experience.

Enjoy the pics!

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