The Curvy Woman’s Fall 2009 Must Haves List Continued !

So yesterday we left off at #8, so let’s jump right in at #9! ( PS THE DESCRIPTION OF THE ITEM IS BELOW ITS PICTURE)

9. Deep V Neck

So a lot of us curvy girls have a nice set of breasts that would love to pop out of a too-deep-v-neck shirt, so let’s keep it a little subtle.

Ralph Lauren, $49.99, Size up to 3X

Faith 21, $17.80, Size up to 2X

Faith 21, $19.80, Size up to 2X

Ashley Stewart, $29.00, Size up to 24

10. Lace Blouse
So when I say lace, I don’t mean completely see through to show all your goodies… I mean a tasteful hint of lace here and there.

Faith 21, $19.80, Size up to 2X

Faith 21, $28.00, Size Up to 5X

Lane Bryant, $49.50, size up to 28

Miss Phit, $36.00, size up to 3X

11. White Shirt
There is no way to mess this up, unless your shirt is too big or too small. Make sure you try it on and be very critical.

Ralph Lauren, $19.99, Up to 3X

Lane Bryant, $49.50, Up to 28

Faith 21, $19.80, Up to 2X

Ashley Stewart, $29.00, Up to 24

12. Stripes
Be careful here ladies, this could add some pounds.

Banana Republic, $70.00, Up to XL

Miss Phit, $52, Up to 2X

Faith 21, $19.80, Up to 2X

Ralph Lauren , $34.99, Up to 2X

Torrid, $48.00 , Up to 4 X

13. Menswear Trouser
This trend adds a lot of volume to the bottom half of your body and usually works well on slimmer bottoms. With that being said, steer clear of this trend if you are curvy, it does nothing for the figure but ruin it. Stick to skinny jeans, Wide leg trousers, and tapered pants.

14. Draped Skirt

Ann Taylor , $49.50, Up to 18

Ann Taylor , $29.99, Up to 18

Ann Taylor, $85.00, Up to 2X

15. Leather Shorts
Ok so this would not be too comfortable given that they do not have a lot of give and most of us curvier women love ( and need) some type of spandex. Let’s try some alternatives that will give you the same look.

Gap, $34.50, Up to 20

Faith 21, $15.80, Up to XL

Torrid, $38.00, Up to 28

16. Legging Pant
Let’s be tasteful with our use of leggings. We need a shirt or dress that covers our booties, otherwise we will look a hot mess.

Torrid, $26.00, Up to 4X

Torrid $25.00, Up to 3X

Torrid, $25.00, Up to 3X

Ashley Stewart , $29.00, Up to 3X

17. Embellished Biker
Now I have a strong feeling that leather jackets with all the rhinestones are a phase. So I have chosen some multipurpose, timeless jackets that will do you great justice.

Ashley Stewart, $29.00, Up to 20

Torrid, $68.00, Up to 4X

Ashley Stewart, $39.00, Up to 3X

18. Tuxedo
Every women could use a little dressing up. The hardest part here is finding affordable choices.

Torrid, $58.00, Up to 2X

Anne Taylor, $200, Up to 18, $98.00, up to 14

19. Ruffles

My personal Favorite!!!

Ann Taylor, $90, Up to 2X, $29.50, Up to 2X

Miss Phit, $39.00, Up to 3X

Faith 21, $17.80, Up to 2X

Faith 21, $17.80, Up to 2X

Ashley Stewart, $29.00, up to 24
20. Chalk Stripe
Not a good look for a curvy lady. If you want stripes, make them Pin Stripes.

21. Over the knee Boot

Now there are very few of these boots in bigger sizes, let alone with wide calves. But if you are willing to splurge, here is a boot that will do you very well. From you can custom size your boot to fit your leg perfectly., 155 pounds + 20pounds shipping ($285.6676), up to size 12, and 50 cm calf, 180 pounds + 20 pounds shipping ($326.4773) Up to size 12, and 50 cm calf

22, 23. Clutch and Drawstring purses. Any fashionista can fit a purse! Let’s move on.

24. buckle boot, 94.99, up to 11w

torrid , $42.00, up to size 12 $149.00, up to Xwide 12

25. Tread Soles
since this is such a high end trend finding affordable size 11 shoes it insanely hard.

DSW. com, $129.95, Up to size 11, $139.95, Up to size 11, $110.00, Up to size 11

AHHH we have finally reached the end of our Fall must have pieces. Now choose wisely because remember everything isn’t for everyone, but there is something for everyone. I know it’s discouraging not to be able to find your size in the cute clothes that we see walking down the runway, but this just leaves room for your creative juices to flow. Being unique makes you irreplaceable!

Love ya! ❤