So if you don’t already know, Jeffrey Campbell is the MAN. He has been designing shoes for 9 years with a strong focus in vintage designs and now he is finally getting the shine he deserves. His shoes are original, sexy and affordable!

He is based in LA with his small team that includes some family members. Jeffrey began designing shoes in his garage in 2000 and is now one of the most sought after shoe designers. He specializes in conceptual vintage recreations, reworked runway looks, revamped and re-amped current must-have trends, alongside his continual best selling ballet flats and boot. Obviously very family oriented, Jeffrey considered his children, Amber and Brigitte, his muses and main inspirations.

Jeffrey is helping all us fashionistas out during this horrid recession with his over the knee, economy fighting boots, distressed leathers, and over embellished classics for affordable prices, encouraging us all to “WORK.”

Let’s do a flash back: While in high school , Jeffrey started off working in a stockroom at Nordstroms in Seattle. He worked for other stores until he was in his 30’s and then began his own line with the support and help from his loving wife and his brother who are both still contributing to the company today.

Back to Now: Jeffrey is very hands on in the conception and creation of his line. He gets a lot of inspiration form vintage collections and from designers for the color or treatment of the shoe. He has an employee in new york with whom he emails back and forth for inspiration from the chic city dwellers.

I love JC because he is not feeding into the hype that surrounds his lovely designs. He loves to read fashion blogs and his website features a contest allowing JC lovers to take pictures of themselves in his shoes which will allow them a chance to win free stuff. He even shouts out his fans in his biography. I mean, how adorable can he be right ?

When a website that sells shoes in London asked Jeffrey Campbell to describe his line or inspiration in twenty words or less,he responded: EDGY. SHORT-SHORTS. LA. BROOKLYN. AFTER-PARTY. W-O-R-K. INDEPENDENT. UNDERSTOOD. DOWNTOWN. VINTAGE. CHIC. 1970’s. MUSIC. SIENNA. MARY-KATE. LUCKY. STYLE Vs FASHION.

Speaking of Style vs. Fashion, the good thing is that JC doesn’t work by collection he works on an item based system. this means that his fall line, for example, doesn’t all have to have the same theme. If he were to catch a drift of a new trend tonight and produce a shoe tomorrow it wouldn’t have to follow the same blue print as his other shoes, which I think is the way everyone should work.

JC shows a lot of love to the streets by selling his shoes to mostly smaller boutiques as opposed to department stores because they know what their communities like and what they may not like so much. JC keeps his ears to the streets by insisting on hearing from each of his accounts ( stores that sell his shoes) any feedback they may have, whether good or bad. His business is very close knit and family like which is a reason that he will go far in this business.

I soo wish I could show you a picture of our beloved JC but I simply CAN NOT find one. I remember reading that he was shy and didn’t want to take a pic for one of his interviews, but darling we need to see your brilliant face! Don’t worry, I have plenty of pictures of your creations that will be sure to hold us all over.

You know what, all I have to say is move over Manolo and Jimmy… there is a new shoe powerhouse in town!

… and remember, according to JC, we all betta “WORK!”

❤ a new JC girl

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