So today’s mini post has to do with the ever so controversial SELF magazine cover with Kelly Clarkson. She was heavily, heavily photo shopped, but that is not the issue. The issue is, this is a health food/ lifestyle magazine thats main objective revolves around the idea of eating right and getting in shape . One of the headlines on the cover was : Slim Down Your Way.
Problem: Kelly did not slim down her way, she slimmed down the way the editors wanted her, which was through air brushing.

To top it off, the editor was justifying her actions, comparing it to vacation photos, some of which you keep and others you choose not to show. Confused? Me too. This woman is insane if she thinks it is justifiable to photoshop Kelly in such a way that takes her back to her American Idol days when we all clearly know she looks like this:

All I am saying is that of all the magazines, the ones that are here to motivate the health conscious to get in shape should go light on the photo shopping. I mean it is one thing to remove a zit or read eye, but it is another to basically cut Kelly in half. Especially if Kelly clearly proclaims her confidence in her body as is. I mean really guys.

I know you are thinking how this relates to fashion. Well, the fashion industry get so much heat for photo shopping and now I want to let you all know there is another player in the sinful act of downsizing a persona via computer, and that is health magazines. I rather not be encouraged to reach unobtainable goals. If the people featured in the magazines don’t even have a six pack what makes you think that I will be able to get one in 10 days doing a 5 minute ab routine . Let’s get real.

See Kim Kardashian’s cover:

Now honestly:

Oh, please read the editor’s blog that justifies why the photoshop was necessary and should be acceptable. More importantly, read the comments. People are really unhappy about this and they are not afraid to curse the editor out. It’s actually quite funny.

I believe that style doesn’t only include your choice of wardrobe but your also your body and your presence in the world. If your style is confident, exude that in every way possible. Your body is unique to you and that is where your style starts. So honestly, live it, love it, and own it because no one else can appreciate you the way you can appreciate yourself.