Must Haves: Plus Sized Edition

Since I am technically a ‘plus sized’ girl that can wear clothing from a size 14 ( the national average) to a 16, and between a medium and XL. Needless to say finding stuff that fits is insanely difficult for me. Let’s not even get started on shoes finding an 11 is like finding a needle in a haystack, but finding wide calf boots on top of that, forget about it.

So I’m here to give my larger sized fashionistas some hints on where to get clothing that fits and looks just like what we see in the magazines that we love. So let me start with a magazine that I love, Elle. I love this magazine because it has a lot more clothing than copy (written material), not that I don’t love written material it’s just that I buy the magazine to see the styles. However, the September issue had a MUST READ article on Jennifer Aniston! Anyways, they had a list of around 20-ish must have things, but of course they were all over priced and do not come in our size. So after doing a little research and digging through my own information I have found ways to get you some of those must have items, because regardless of size we should all get the opportunity to wear what we think expresses our style best.

Here we go !

1. Camel Coat

What we can buy: $118.00, sizes up to XXL $200.00 sizes up to XL

2. Cape
Now there are not many options for plus sized capes simply because they do nothing for out figure. However there are some options that look like a cape but give our body a more flattering silhouette.

Bow-Tie Cape,$29 sizes up to XL

swing coat $74, sizes up to 3X

Swing Jacket $69, sizes up to 3X

3. Toggle, $89.50 sizes up to 3X $69.99 sizes up to 26W

4. Robe Tie
Generally I do not like bigger women in coats that are long and cover the buttocks because they give a really rectangular shape to our body. However, the robe tie coat is a very hot look this season and while some body types can get away with out, not all can. Avoid this coat if you have a really large bottom half.

Also dont be fooled by this “trend” you can definitely robe tie any coat that comes with a belt attatchment. Some coats are just made for this type of thing and others aren’t. Be creative !

Miss Sixty $235.00, Size up to 2X $99.00 Size up to 18

5. Mini Dress
Let’s be real, many of us need to stay clear of this look. A mini dress can be a heart ache, the constant pulling down the bottom or pulling up the chest. IF you have the figure that suits this look, go for it, otherwise here are some alternatives.

Faith21 Plus size, $22.80 Size up to 2X

Spiegel $59.00 Size up to 14

6. Neon Colors
Again, not too great of a choice for large women, but if we mix up the colors a bit it should come out great.

Faith 21 $24.80 Sizes up to 2X

Faith 21 $22.80 Sizes up to 2X

Faith 21 $22.80 Sizes up to 2X

7. Grecian
There are some gorgeous Grecian like dresses that would be fabulous for our body type.

Anne Klein$147.99, sizes up to 14

Faith 21 $17.80 sizes up to 2X

Spiegel $159.00 sizes up to 18

Spiegel $49.00 sizes up to XL

8. One Sleeve
ehh i am on the fence about this look because I am sure it is a trend. However here are some options that I believe may be timeless.

( this has potential with a belt and a curvy body !) $19.99 sizes up to XL

Anne Klein $198.00 size up to 16

Ok so there is a little preview of some looks that I think are appropriate for this must have list and fit your body types. Tomorrow’s entry will continue the list and I will show you were to get over the knee boots for wide calves, leggings with slashes, and leather jackets… so check back tomorrow!