I know, I know, I know the guy we are loving to hate right now, Kanye and his girl, the one we are all for some reason in love with, Amber Rose.

Ok see now Celebrities, yall can’t just do anything you want. These pictures do bring down the taste in this magazine. I mean this is not King Magazine. There is a different between tasteful nudity and what is being done here.

I am pretty disappointed because he did pick a FEW good pieces, but I mean come on, like Joe Zee didn’t stop this?

There stock, to me, is plummeting.

Like Here is last month’s cover:

And here is the sexiest picture she took on the inside:

Miley’s Cover :

Her sexiest photo:

Now look at the Black Vogue’s Sexiest Photos:
ok and maybe this :

Seriously the camera angles could have not shot head on her Vaginal area or her butt and it would have added a little more class,but this is just ridic. I mean we can also infer our own thoughts from her topless activities on the beach with Kanye and her Lip Service Radio Talk Show appearances.

I am sure Kanye had good intentions but I can not get down with this in Elle. I even read that Kanye tried to get her in a gown but she wasn’t feeling that. I mean she wore a wrap dress to the MET… that’s her South Philly roots there.
Like, honestly. The focal point is not the clothes any more. Maybe you are trying to like copy this Rihanna shoot :
Rihanna has some nudie pictures in her closet too.

( not that I really like that shoot anymore than Amber’s).

Remember, it’s about the clothes people, let’s get back to the basics, appreciating the people who know what they are doing and not those that earned their status elsewhere!

I appreciate Joe Zee and I love his work, don’t get me wrong, but I do have a problem with his…. how do I say this… heavy interest in celebrity collaborations/fraternization which may cause the magazine to suffer. I mean he has entered onto The City when DVF decided to pull out… that should say something when the president of the CFDA decides reality tv is not the way to go. I mean… there is a reason that Anna Wintour hasn’t done reality tv and doesn’t usually “hang-out” with entertainment celebrities.

Mariel Haenn is the perfect example of a stylist under wraps. She has unmistakably changed the look of pop icon Rihanna from girl-next-door to girl-that-would-never-live-any-where-near-you-because-she-is-too-famous.

With a recent birthday (May 25, 1979) she just reached her 30 year old mile-stone, but she looks no where over 23. She had her birthday bash at the Roosevelt Penthouse in LA ,with the theme being Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, this past Saturday and from her facebook and twitter messages, it was an epic party.

A little on her background: Mari ( can I call her that? ) attended the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in the class of 2000. This half Puerto Rican chica has made her way in and through the celebrity and fashion community. She has worked with starts like Jada and Will Smith, Ciara, Kanye, and most inspiring, Rihanna. She told Latina.Com that her favorite Latino designer would be Esteban Cortazar, who had his own line and is now creative director for Emanuel Ungaro ( who is now trying to work with Lindsey Lohan… idk if that’s a wise decision but…). Some of the designers she is feeling are Christian Dior, YSL, Zac Posen and Givenchy.

I absolutely wish I had more info to share about Mariel, but she simply has no information about her on the Internet. I had to dig through her facebook and twitter account to scoop up the information I have found.

Now what does that tell you about the industry?

It tells me that the people who are working the hardest behind the scenes of these “fashion-forward” stars get absolutely no play. For example, I googled her and all I got was mentions of her name and no pictures of her alone. That’s a shame. She doesn’t even have a WIKI page, seriously, why are we ignoring her. She is influencing the world in fashion and she doesn’t even have a wiki. I am floored. I do have some pictures that I manage to dig up from her facebook and twitter.

( Mariel in the middle with her friends)

( Mariel on the left with her friend)

I have made an executive decision not to include photographs of her celebrity clients because I feel that it is completely unfair the lack of coverage she receives. I think she deserves something completely about her. I feel like she is someone we all need to be watching out for in the future because she has the potential to become even more important then she is today. After 8 powerful years in the industry, her presence in Hollywood has been felt and she will soon get the press she deserves. And please believe this will not be the last time you see her on my blog because she is that hot!
Mariel Haenn, stylist, costume designer the life of fashion as it is today, influencing those that influence to masses. Luv ya girl and keep up the good work!


P.S. Visit her website HERE to see pictures of her work. It is a fabulous showcase. Also Check her out on TWITTER, she is always letting everyone know her projects and random updates on her life in the fashion-lane.