Do you ever get that excited feeling when you know that you are on the right path in the direction toward achieving amazing goals? Well I know that feeling. This moment, making this blog, makes this feeling more concrete.

Style: I am in the business of style, not fashion trends. I believe that some trends, inevitably, evolve into classics pieces that every man or woman should own and incorporate into their lifestyles and personalities. When an article of clothing becomes so unique to a person that it can tell you everything about them, that is their style. Some trends fit into the styles of certain people, and some do not. Me, I want to be able to help people find the style that fits them. When you find the perfect style for you, you will look your best, hands down. The celebs, and everyday people, who play up their wardrobe to their personality come out looking best because they are mentally and physically connected to their wardrobe. As cliche as it sounds, they are one with their clothes.

To become one with your clothes it takes skill and dedication, things that not everyone has, or has time to develop. For this reason, there are people behind the scenes working hard to help you find what is right foryou individually to wear and help you find that “right” aspect in every article of clothing. There are designers, planners, magazine editors, fashion show producers, photographers, fashion forecasters, stylists, image consultant, basically a whole team of people that are here to help the world find their niche. However, some people don’t think that deeply about clothing. By neglecting to take that extra time needed to present yourself in a way that is consistent with your lifestyle, personality, and shape you could risk looking completely opposite of what you intended.

Whether you like it or not, humans base most of their impressions of people on an external image. That image could either be good or bad to the on looker, and that will set the tone for the way you are treated. You could have the best personality with the highest IQ, but if you are not presentable you may never be taken seriously, which is bad news !

The good news is that there are support teams of people ( one of which I will be one day) that are here to help you look your best. We want to help, we really do, but you have to give a little time and effort.

Because of the important role of the people who aim to make, style, fit, and present clothing in a way to help you find what’s right for you, I am dedicating this entire blog to them. Not the celebs who lightly mention the names of the designers of their outfits on the red carpet (often mispronouncing them) but to the people whose blood,sweat and tears went in to making that outfit, getting that celeb to wear it, getting it fitted to the celeb, and those that made sure the accessories complimented the outfit. Those are the people who inspire me.

The final project is only a ending point to the thought, time, and dedication put into making a look that complies with someones style. Wearing the outfit is the easy part, it’s the behind the scenes action that is only perfected by a select few hardworking men and women in the fashion industry.

I hope you enjoy. -VJ